Our democracy’s enemies, international and home, need us to concede upfront that our voting methods are defective or fraudulent; that sinister conspiracies have distorted the political will of the folks; that our public discourse has been perverted by the information media and social networks riddled with prejudice, lies and in poor health will; that judicial establishments, legislation enforcement and even nationwide safety have been twisted, misused and misdirected to create nervousness and battle, not justice and social peace.

If these are the outcomes of this tumultuous election yr, we’re misplaced, irrespective of which candidate wins. No American, and positively no American chief, ought to need such an final result. Complete destruction and sowing salt within the earth of American democracy is a disaster properly past easy defeat and a poison for generations. An electoral victory on these phrases can be no victory in any respect. The judgment of historical past, reflecting on the dying of enlightened democracy, can be harsh.

Essentially the most pressing job American leaders face is to make sure that the election’s outcomes are accepted as professional. Electoral legitimacy is the important linchpin of our total political tradition. We must always see the problem clearly upfront and take fast motion to reply.