So you’ve got performed the sport, however have you ever seen the ‘Reel’ Film? Expertise the total story anew or for the primary time in seamlessly edited GAMEPLAY; with further content material added to assist higher inform the story. If you are going to watch one film concerning the sport, watch the ‘Reel’ factor! So seize the popcorn and benefit from the present!

After the occasions on the Forerunner ringworld Halo, Grasp Chief SPARTAN-117 returns house to Earth with the AI assemble Cortana. The struggle with the Covenant forces remains to be not going properly, regardless of the destruction of a complete fleet at Halo, however the Grasp Chief wants a refit. Armed with the Mjolnir Armor Mark VI, he’s on his approach to a decorations ceremony with the thought-to-be-dead Sergeant Johnson, when Covenant forces emerge from the Slipstream into Earth area. However one thing is mistaken: the fleet is way smaller than the one used to destroy Attain, humanity’s former frontline stronghold. The Grasp Chief and Cortana, together with Commander Miranda Keyes and the crew of In Amber Clad, should struggle off the Covenant and defend Earth, a battle that can take them throughout the galaxy to a brand new planet, which is disturbingly acquainted…In the meantime, the Prophets, leaders of the Covenant, will not be happy with the Elite Commander that allowed the Grasp Chief to destroy Halo, and he’s branded a heretic. However even Heretics have their makes use of. He’s to develop into the brand new Arbiter, a warrior for the Prophets’ will, destined to die in wonderful battle like all the opposite Arbiters earlier than him. However deep within the Covenant, rumors are spreading a few Jiralhanae take-over. Can the Arbiter uncover this treachery in time to avoid wasting the Elites?

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