Statistics Canada will return to the outdated technique

Statistics Canada will go back to the old method

This is an indication about how sizzling the subject of inflation is about to get.

Within the model revealed on February 17, 2021, methodological modifications to
the seasonal adjustment fashions have been utilized to some enter collection.
Following suggestions from customers, Statistics Canada has decided that
these modifications require additional analysis and evaluation.

  • CPI widespread unchanged at 1.3%
  • Trim 2.0% vs 1.8% reported final week (and 1.6% exp)
  • Median 2.0% vs 1.4% reported final week (and 1.8% exp)

As you may see, these are some fairly huge modifications to the Financial institution of Canada’s three measures of inflation.

Economists aren’t comfortable.

“We’re now left largely at midnight on what core inflation and and reliant upon if and when StatsCan publishes a revisions to its revised methodology that the simply retracted,” stated Scotia economists Derek Holt in a report.

The subsequent CPI report shall be launched March 17.

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