President NIcolas Maduro of Venezuela has introduced the seize of “an American spy” with heavy weapons and cash close to two refineries within the state of Falcon. The person is claimed to be a Marine who labored for the CIA in Iraq.

The spy was making an attempt to gather data on the refineries in Amuay and Cardón, Maduro mentioned in a televised tackle on Friday. The 2 services are situated on the Paraguaná Peninsula, alongside the Venezuelan coast simply south of Aruba. 

In accordance with the president, the detained American is a member of the US Marine Corps who labored with the CIA in Iraq, and was captured with “heavy, specialised weapons and a considerable amount of money.”

Maduro added that he ordered heightened safety in any respect Venezuelan refineries after the spy was captured. Earlier, he mentioned, the nation’s Petroleum Ministry found and thwarted a plan “to trigger an explosion” on the El Palito refinery in Carabobo, west of Caracas.

It’s a conflict of revenge by the gringo empire to stop Venezuela from producing all petroleum derivatives and gasoline

Maduro accused the US of waging an financial conflict towards Venezuela, making an attempt to destroy the nation’s oil business. “They’ve reached a degree of insanity,” he mentioned.